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WEB Development for Administrative Departments

iiFramework is an application framework that manages many of the standard functions of any web-based application.  These standard functions include:

·         Managing groups and users

·         User authentication into secure areas

·         Management of common navigation and graphics

·         Error management and reporting

·         Managing site wide and application wide variables

·         Managing presentation of data independent of “business logic”

·         Web site creation

UIS utilized the iiFramework software to create, support and host the following administrative department web sites:

Registrar -- Student
Student Financial Affaires
Registrar - Faculty
Human Resources
Institutional Planning, Assessment, Research and Testing (IPART)
Budget and Financial Planning
Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA)
Travel Office
Day Care
Administrative Computing Services (AdCS)
Supply Chain and Stores
Controller Office

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