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Administrative Computing Services (AdCS)

Whatís new 2006/2007  (Continued)

IPART website Add-on
AdCS is working with IPART to support the taskforces for AUCís self-study in preparation for the Middle States reaccreditation. A secure environment is created for 117 staff to share information and documents. The new setup will be accessible through the IPART website.  To visit the IPART web site click here.
Budget & Financial Planning Web Site 
AdCS has completed the conversion of the Budget and Financial Planning web site to the new AUC web standard format.  Also a conversion of the Budget Manual and the Budget Guidelines from HTML format to PDF format will assist the reader to reach information with less navigation. To visit the Budget web site click here.
Alumni Self Services
AdCS is working with the Alumni office and a third party to develop an Alumni Self Services portal. The portal will be integrated with the Institutional Advancement and Alumni software (FUNDAL). The system will enable the Alumni access to update their information.
AdCS is developing software for the AUC Bookstore. The software will enable customers to submit a purchase requisition with the Bookstore.  Additionally, it will help Bookstore staff to keep track of the order phases.

Digital File Cabinet
AdCS is planning to assist departments using the Digital File Cabinet software to convert their documents to an enhanced Document Imaging System.
Press Scheduling Software 
AdCS has established an environment to host the Scheduling Software for the AUC press. The new setup will enable the press staff and the booksellers abroad to share and access information from campus and off campus.
Clinic System 
AdCS is working with the AUC Clinic to evaluate the current Clinic software. The main objective of the evaluation is to decide if the current system can be enhanced to support the patients.

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