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AUC has always been faced with the dilemma of effectively scheduling its precious space and allocating its valuable other resources. The scarcity and value of such resources and the pressing need to optimize their utilization guided AUC to the acquisition of Astra Schedule software. Astra Schedule can be used by full-time schedulers as well as anyone outside the scheduling office: departmental or event schedulers who need occasional access,


instructors and students who want to view real-time academic and event schedules and resource managers who want to confirm resource requests and view reports.

 Room Scheduling

Astra Schedule manages Room Scheduling and Event Management for the entire University. It enables the scheduling and updating of time and room assignments on the fly. Availability lookups simultaneously checks all event assignments and bookings inherited the Student Information System. It also enables AUC schedulers to schedule rooms in a bulk/batch mode through its optimizer component. The optimizer can be tailored to the needs and features of the University. Optionally, the Optimizer can simultaneously assign best meeting times and best rooms.

 Event Management

Astra Schedule has a set of built-in event management tools supporting a broad range of event management capabilities. And since Astra Schedule brings event management and academic scheduling together, the system as a whole works more efficiently.

Event management tools allow event coordinators and resource managers to assign customers, resources (equipment, furniture, catering, etc.), services, room setup instructions and bills in one system.

Built-in workflow allows users to automate complex booking procedures. Event attendees can sign up for events via the Web Client. Customizable reports, confirmations, notifications and invoices can be e-mailed directly from the system or viewed on a wireless device to keep everyone informed of important changes as they happen.

The Tools of Astra Schedule:

 Distributed Calendaring

 Event Request Management

 Room Scheduling


 Space Management

 Heating and Cooling Zone Management

 Event Management

 Resource Management

 Formatted and customizable reports

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