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About University Information Systems (UIS)

University Information Systems (UIS) deploy and support information systems to be used by the major administrative functions at AUC. UIS support includes consulting, project management, development, ongoing maintenance of existing systems, troubleshooting, and in many cases programming. UIS provides technical support to the university administrative offices for their mission critical and non-mission critical administrative application systems in keeping with the university's mission of  providing quality higher education to the students that it serves.

UIS is committed to keeping abreast of existing and emerging technologies that can be used to aid administrative users.  UIS recognizes and promotes the need to share information and expertise with all areas of Information Systems in order to meet the technology needs of university administrative users in the most cost effective and productive means.

Core application systems include:

  • Student Information System
  • Student Self Services
  • Faculty Self Services
  • Financial and Budget System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Human Capital Management
  • Fund Raising and Alumni System

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