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Departmental Forms


UIS assists departments in converting their paper forms into electronic forms to enhance their work performance.  If your department is interested in converting any paper forms to electronic format, please contact UIS and we will be more than happy to assist you.


Please feel free to use the forms from here or you can download directly on to your desktop if you use the forms regularly.  You can also visit the appropriate departmentís web site to locate the forms there. 


Before accessing the forms below, please ensure you have the latest version of Adobe Reader installed on your computer.  Adobe Reader can be downloaded from the following link:      



Human Resources Office:

      Overtime Sheet

 Contractor Overtime Sheet


 Leave Request - English


 Leave Request - Arabic



     Controller Office:
       Manual Warrant
       Perdiem Allowance Application
       Accounting for Perdiem
     Budget & Financial Planning Office:
       Budget Change Request Form
    Travel Office:
       Travel Authorization Form
       Service Request Form
       Personal Data Form
       Airport Clearance&Transportation Request Personal
       Airport Clearance&Transportation Request Business
   For Authorized Staff Only (Password Required)
       Bus/Cruise Reservation Form
     Frequent Flyer Form
     Garage Arrival Order Form
     Garage Departure Order Form
     Hotel Reservation Form
     Official Receipt
     Receipt Note
     Receipt Note Small
     Refund Ticket Form
     Service Request Back Form
     Transfer Confirmation Form

Telecommunications Office:


 Fax Request


Buildings and Grounds Maintenance Office:


 Request for Maintenance Repair


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