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  Help: One Time Setup to Access the SAP using the Java Environment for Windows 2000, 2003 and XP?
      Step 1: Select Software to Download The Java RunTime Environment
  Step 2: Double Click Download
  Step 3: Select Save
  Step 4: Select Save
  Step 5: Wait until Download Complete
  Step 6: Select Run
  Step 7: Select Run
  Step 8: Select Accept
  Step 9: Select Finish
  Step 10: Select On Campus
  Step 11: Double Click SAP
  Step12: Select Run
  Step 13: Select OK
  Step 14: Select Next
  Step 15: Select Yes
  Step 16: Select Yes
  Step 17: Select OK
  Step 18: Select OK
  Step 19: Enter Client 300, Username and Password

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